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Human beings are not solitary creatures. We, as a species, live in a social structure that serves to enhance collective growth. Interaction with fellow humans is an integral part of our lives. In certain aspects of our existence, it transcends biological necessity. Good manners help to ensure that such interaction amongst individuals is smooth and productive.

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We generally interact with numerous people on a regular basis. Such interaction can be born out of mutual dependence or simply for the delight of socialising. We interact with the grocer when we need to buy certain items. We interact with our teachers to clarify doubts. We interact with friends to plan games or other activities. We also do interact with people to simply get an idea about how they are faring in their lives. This list can go on indefinitely. Such instances of interaction, however, can only be fruitful or enjoyable when neither of the parties concerned feels slighted or unacknowledged. Good manners can ensure that such a scenario does not come to pass.

A Positive Existence: Krispy Khera

The society encompasses the diversity of associations that bind humans in a system that caters collectively to not just our needs, but also to our desires, ambitions, and aspirations. Krispy Khera, the founder of the School Of International Studies, emphasizes the necessity of good manners in the establishment of a peaceful and prosperous society. She believes that such manners have a positive influence on an individual’s portrayal of themself in their relevant social circles. This in turn promotes a compassionate and productive coexistence. Krispy Khera stresses on the need for a life governed by rules of conduct that prioritize kindness and consideration towards fellow human beings, and also the environment. It is only in such a conditioned society than an individual can attain their true potential, whilst ensuring a sustainable future for the generations to come.

We shall now briefly consider what good manners entail and what makes them necessary.

Good Manners- What & Why

The way we as individuals conduct ourselves in society, as well as in our personal space, constitute our manners. An individual’s manners are considered to be good when they convey a sense of acknowledgement to the people around, and elicit respect and familiarity in any interaction that the individual might engage in. A well-mannered individual adheres to rules of conduct that are not derogatory towards the subject at the receiving end. Such an individual exhibits a calm and polite demeanour.

The Inception

The cultivation of good manners is as continuous a process as is growth. We set forth on this journey by observing our parents who guide us by setting a behavioural example to be emulated. As we grow, the instances of learning become diversified. We come across instances of appropriate manners when we are at school when we are playing with friends, and even when we eat with a group. As we move on in life, the social and cultural activities we engage in also contribute to our repertoire of good manners. Certain manners are context-based, with their application being learnt through relevant experience. These include the rules of conduct as pertaining to official environments or other specially designated areas. Throughout our lives, as we accumulate a multitude of experiences in diverse social, cultural, economic, and even environmental milieus, we come across, and acclimatise ourselves to, a similar diversity of acceptable manners. Efficiency in this endeavour, according to Krispy Khera, has a defining impact on the course of an individual’s life.

The Functionality

Manners play a significant role in almost every instance of our day-to-day life. They constitute the framework within which we develop our personality. The framework we adhere to has a causal impact on the way we think and behave and, thus, also on the way people consider us. Krispy Khera Gill, in her endeavour for the better society, holds that it is not just our observable behaviour that constitutes our manners, but also the personal thoughts that we entertain. A positive outward expression, if accompanied by a negative or derogatory thought, does not fall within the purview of good manners. Following Krispy Khera’s view on the matter, a well-mannered individual is one who has conditioned their mind to be receptive to positive and productive thoughts. A mind that is so attuned is more optimistic and also efficient in constructively dealing with diverse situations. The converse scenario points to a psyche in need of grooming.

The first impression an individual incites is instrumental in ensuring their acceptability. A sunny morning can set the tone for the day to follow. Similarly, a person’s appropriate manners can elicit admiration and trust in the impression they portray. As Krispy Khera emphasizes, this is crucial for the establishment of a long and productive relationship, be it personal or professional.

Communication skills are integral to a working atmosphere. A well-mannered individual is naturally easier to communicate with. This can facilitate the exchange of ideas with different individuals which in turn can be helpful in making important business decisions.

Being respectful towards others, through appropriate behaviour, has the potential to elicit respect in return. In a work atmosphere that is intensely competitive, this can have positive results. An employee who has earned the respect and favour of his employer is more likely to be offered a project than one who has similar work experience but a different behavioural approach.

Furthermore, an individual with well-groomed manners comes across as being helpful, modest, and polite. This reduces the possibility of unnecessary altercations. It also adds to the work efficiency of any group that they might be made a part of. Such an individual stands out as being likeable and dependable. This has a positive impact on their credibility. Also, people tend to remember such a person. In the event of an emergency, such a person would find it relatively easier to call on people who would be willing to provide assistance.

A well-mannered person understands the futility of anger in the larger scheme of things. They tend to be analytical about situations. This reflects positively on any decisions that they might make. A person who is in control of their temper is naturally more aware of their surroundings.

A consideration of the diverse contexts that we face in our lives can exhibit the positive influence that good manners have in the social, professional, as well as the personal sphere. A smile can go a long way in helping someone through the day. A helpful gesture can elicit love from a stranger. A polite employee can excel at work. A mutually respectful couple tend to stay that way.

Good manners are indeed beneficial to life. However, they are more than just that. It is through their manners that an individual can give expression to the humanity that exists within all of us. Such an expression can pave the way for the world, in its entirety, to be a better place. For you. For me. And the entire human race.

Krispy Khera is the best social activist in Chandigarh provide the best social service to the people of the society and also help girl child.

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