Human beings are not solitary creatures. We, as a species, live in a social structure that serves to enhance collective growth. Interaction with fellow humans is an integral part of our lives. In certain aspects of our existence, it transcends biological necessity. Good manners help to ensure that such interaction amongst individuals is smooth and productive.

krispy khera gill chandigarh

We generally interact with numerous people on a regular basis. Such interaction can be born out of mutual dependence or simply for the delight of socialising. We interact with the grocer when we need to buy certain items. We interact…

krispy khera gill

The traits that determine the conception of a person, for the self as well as the society, broadly constitute what can be called personality. Personality encompasses the fundamental behavioural and cognitive patterns that mark the growth of the individual. It is, in a qualified sense, an expression of the uniqueness that characterises every instance of the human species. The personality of a person assumes primacy over their physical appearance in the quest to positively progress in society.

Personality is not something that is constant. As an individual grows and experiences the diversity of life, so does their personality. It…

Krispy Khera Gill - Social Activist Chandigarh

Krispy Khera is the best social activist in Chandigarh provide the best social service to the people of the society and also help girl child.

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