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krispy khera gill

The traits that determine the conception of a person, for the self as well as the society, broadly constitute what can be called personality. Personality encompasses the fundamental behavioural and cognitive patterns that mark the growth of the individual. It is, in a qualified sense, an expression of the uniqueness that characterises every instance of the human species. The personality of a person assumes primacy over their physical appearance in the quest to positively progress in society.

Personality is not something that is constant. As an individual grows and experiences the diversity of life, so does their personality. It is these experiences that condition the characteristic patterns of communication, cognition, and sentience that constitute our personality. Our personality is instrumental to our individuality and hence, it is the primary criteria for judgement of the individual by the masses.

The Primacy of Personality: Krispy Khera Gill

The rise of awareness in societies around the world has facilitated an observable trend in most progressive societies. This trend pertains to the differentiation of beauty into its internal and external aspects. Krispy Khera Gill, the founder of the School of International Studies, advocates the admission of this difference as being a positive and necessary change. External beauty relates to various aspects of our physical appearance, such as the tone of our skin, our physique (slim, a bit round around the edges, athletic, etc.), the brand of the clothes we wear, and so on. In a nutshell, external beauty encompasses the characteristics that are physically available for observation. By contrast, internal beauty, in the words of Krispy Khera Gill, pertains to the character of the individual. It is concerned with the way a person thinks and behaves in different real-life scenarios. This internal beauty is what constitutes the notion of individual personality. Physical appearances can be masked or altered. It even fades with the passage of time. The human personality, however, commands a permanence that has no scope for pretentions. As such, Krispy Khera Gill believes that the human personality can serve as a more credible criterion for the judgement of the individual, as compared to their physical appearance.

Personality Precedes Physical Appearance — An Exposition

The individual personality is a reflection of the experiences that the individual has been privy to, and the thoughts that such experiences have elicited. The behaviour an individual proffers to people from different socioeconomic backgrounds, the way they react to various situations, their temperament and moral standards — all of these fall within the purview of their personality.

Let us consider why it is the case that personality commands primacy overlooks in the successful development of the individual.

Stimulates Social Acceptability

Positive personality traits are essential for an individual to be accepted and appreciated in society. A person with good physical appearance and a poorly developed personality are rather similar to a rotten apple that has been wrapped up in a beautiful wooden box. It can be logically deduced that such an eventuality is not a pleasant one to come across.

Promotes Positivity

The physical appearance of an individual, given that they have a well-built physique, can facilitate a confident approach to the various aspects of life that require physical exertion. Life, however, provides us with scenarios of a range of different flavours. Not every situation can be solved by brute strength. This necessitates the development of personality traits that can condition an individual to inculcate a positive outlook towards life. Such an outlook, in the view of Krispy Khera Gill, would help the individual to deal with different situations and people without getting flustered. Additionally, a positive outlook can also motivate a person to work hard to improve their physical appearance.

Enhances Interpersonal Skills

An individual with a positive personality is appreciated by the people they associate with. This enhances the individual’s confidence, making them surer of themself in their dealing with other people. This in turn has a positive impact on their interpersonal skills. It might be the case that an admirable physical appearance can garner the audience for an individual. It cannot, however, in the absence of an equally admirable personality, suffice to maintain the interest of the audience long enough to facilitate productive communication.

Affords Professional Credibility

A well-developed personality can encourage an individual to inculcate the importance of discipline in their life. A disciplined life can augment the possibility and scope for learning new skills and developing new ideas which can be utilised in the professional sphere. Furthermore, in the fast-paced world of today, where the virtual seamlessly incorporates with the physical, physical appearance has lost a majority of its stake as being a distinguishing factor in the conception of the individual. As Krispy Khera Gill puts it, the individual is now distinguished by their efficacy in their way of living, their interpersonal skills, and the suitability of their behaviour given a specific situation. These qualities are primarily dependent on the personality that the individual has developed in the course of their life.

Encourages a Healthy Personal Life

People are more likely to associate with a person having a positive personality even if they were to be somewhat lacking in the prevalent standards of physical beauty. The vice-versa cannot be considered to be equally true. Krispy Khera Gill believes that the lack of positive personality traits is an impediment to productive association amongst individuals. Any romantic enterprise demands mutual respect and understanding of the differences that exist. Such a possibility can only enjoy a prolonged existence if the concerned individuals have personalities that are acceptable to their counterparts.

Life is instantiated by diversity. A person with excellent physical attributes, but lacking the necessary finesse in terms of personality, would fail to productively account for those manifest variations. However, a person with a well-groomed personality can simultaneously cater to the development of their physical exterior. Such an individual can strive for new heights of excellence as they continue on the path of synergic growth.

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